We are facing weird and compelling times. After decades of decolonization, globalization, overcoming frontiers and thinking of the world as a „global village“, nationalism faces a renaissance and comes back into the heads and hearts of the people. The rise of right wing parties throughout the western world and Europe, certainly Donald Trump as American president and of course the BREXIT named separation of the United Kingdom from the EU – they are all telling us the the same story of the renewal of the past as a possible and sometimes visionary blueprint for the future. „Make America Great Again“ addresses the past as a key concept for the future in the very same way as the Brexiteer`s battlecry „We want our country back“.
Is the reorientation to the old times, when everything seemed so much better, easier, more structured and feeling somewhat more right, really the key to answer the uncertainties of life and its ever perpetuating  development? Or is it just because we are consumed with future and its impact on present times following the ever faster spinning wheel of technological evolution? How many industrial revolutions can one person cope with in one lifetime? Is it even possible to get used to constant technological revolutions and perpetuations and their impact on societies? Obviously still current still promising slogan „Change“ has become a fierce and powerful rival named „Return“. 

We are going to exhibit the fast and slow evolving clash of ideas and concepts illustrated by the editorial cartoonists around the BREXIT phenomenon. We are open to submissions from the early beginnings with their clarity of clashing ideologies during the referendum until the confusing developments of present days, even for insiders.

The exhibition will be shown to the public in a large number of towns in the exhibition spaces of the following institutions. 


Exhibition date

Schwaebisch Hall 

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

ifa academy Stuttgart

oct. 14th – dec. 13th 2019
to be announced soon
jun. 3rd – june 30th 2019
apr 26th -may 28th 2019
to be announced soon
to be announced soon
mar 6th – apr 31st 2019
may 5th – june 28th 2019
mar 6th – apr 31st 2019

to be announced soon

Guido Kühn
Union of World Cartoonists, Germany